Arts Guild New Jersey provides a broad range of services geared to new and established arts efforts:

    • Fiscal Sponsorship. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Arts Guild New Jersey serves as a conduit by which independent artists and groups can apply for grant funding and receive tax-deductible donations without themselves holding 501(c)(3) status.

    • Grantwriting and Fundraising. Arts Guild New Jersey offers grantwriting and fundraising services that include basic grantwriting, long-term donor development, fundraising campaign strategy.

    • Planning and Visioning. Arts Guild New Jersey provides direct consultation to artists, arts groups, cultural sector leaders and government officials interested in the planning and implementation of cultural arts initiatives; and creating a performance assessment plans for arts agencies and community arts initiatives.

    • Education. Arts Guild New Jersey presents a wide range of educational workshops including Insurance for Artists, Impactful Grantseeking, Cultural Destination Development and more.

    • Marketing & Publicity Assistance. Arts Guild New Jersey provides short- and long-term marketing and public relations design and implementation for events and organizations.

Every arts project is unique.

Take advantage of our in-house expertise in technology, strategy and research to help your project grow and achieve sustainability.