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An Invitation to Membership

Mike Donahue President, Nancy B. Collier Secretary, Derrick W. Owings Treasurer, Barbara Fisher Board Member and Lyceum Liaison

Subject: An Invitation to Membership

Dear Art Lover,

Something really exciting is happening in Burlington because of Arts Guild New Jersey. Many of our artists, citizens and business owners are involved in the Arts Guild New Jersey Membership Campaign 2019.

Over the next few weeks we will be calling on artists, citizens and business owners like you who are not currently members. We will be talking about the Arts Guild benefits, programs, services and program planning for the coming year.

We are committed to the challenge of bringing new members into the Arts Guild. When you become familiar with the benefits of membership, we hope you will say “yes” to a decision that will help the Arts Guild New Jersey and most of all, our community.

Derrick W. Owings, Treasurer