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  1. my name is Pete Petraccoro. in 2003 my wife and our son Jake moved to Pemberton Twp.N.j. Browns Mills. we heard a lot of the Burlington Center which was about 40 min. from our home. so one day we decided to go the The Burlington Center Mall. it was a beautiful Mall with lots of stores, especially one in particular to my son which was Game Stop. I also liked the windows the mall had letting in natural sun light. at the end of one wing was a bronze elephant with a child riding on her and water coming out of her trunk. the bronze elephant was so pretty with that young boy riding atop of her, which reminded me of my son. every time my son and I would go to the Burlington Center we would always visit “the water hole”. in 2013 my son move out of our home to go out on his own, never to go into the mall together again. I always remembered our outings to see the bronze elephant. after the mall closed in 2018, the Burlington Center started to deteriorate outside. the landscaping in particular.
    this reminded me of my son and his relationship with his mother and myself. my son being estranged from us. on Feb. 3 2019, I read an article on Pedal the bronze elephant which was going to be relocated, but first to be refurbished. my heart was filled with joy as this elephant was going to saved from death and was a connection to my son emotionally. I know this elephant is in my sons memory as well as mine. and so, when I look at Pedal, I think of my son and all the good times we had together in the mall and the times we walked by her.
    I want to thank the Arts Guild NJ for their part in saving Pedal. I want to thank Laran Bronze for taking good care of her and refurbishing her. I want to thank Zenos Frudakis for creating Pedal. and last but not least I want to thank Jim Rouse for building the Burlington Center Mall.
    peter petraccoro

    1. Good evening Mr. Petraccoro,
      I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits now that Petal has been restored and returned to Burlington City last Saturday. If you weren’t able to attend, I am sorry because she arrived in the style of an awesome parade. If you were there, I hope you were pleased and happy to be there with this memorable treasure.

      Thanks for your continued interest.
      Art Guild New Jersey

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