A Photographic Exploration into the Pinelands National ReserveBy Hailey Bruinsma

Gallery Guide

As a Pennsylvania girl, I grew up thinking that New Jersey had nothing more to offer than great tomatoes and access to the Atlantic. Thanks to the Arts GuildNew Jersey, my eyes have opened to the beauty of the Pines. New Jersey is home tothe country’s first National Reserve, The Pinelands National Reserve, which spans1.1 million acres or about 22% of the state. The Reserve encompasses multifarious ecosystems from white sandy forests with crystal clear lakes, to wooded beaches and marshes along the coast. My intent is to photographically document the Reserve and to showcase the diversity of the landscape with a printed exhibition December 20th,2019 through January 20th, 2020 and an accompanying book coming soon. I workedvery closely this past year with the Arts Guild New Jersey, The Dime – Art andMakers Studios, Shades of Paper, Instinct Graphics, and Innova Fine Art to make this project come to life. I have met so many wonderful people along my journey through the Pines and I cannot wait to continue my adventure with the production of my book, A Whirlwind Guide to the Pinelands National Reserve.

A Whirlwind Guide to the Pinelands National Reserve

A Book

This book will be comprised of most of the things that I learned throughout my journey in the pines. It will include journal entries from the places that I went, information on the pines itself and the flora and fauna that reside there, images, facts and figure, maps, hiking trails and much more. The book will be an outline to the pines for someone who wants to explore its vast beauty and uniqueness. This book is slated to come out July-August of 2020.

Preorders will receive a signed copy, please sign the order form  or contact Hailey via email at HBruPhoto@gmail.com. Preorder copies of this book will cost $50.

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